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BlindLlama is composed of two main parts:

  1. An open-source client-side Python SDK that verifies the remote AI models we serve are indeed guaranteeing data sent is not exposed to us.
  2. An open-source server made up of three key components which work together to serve models without any exposure to the AI provider (Mithril Seucirty). We remove all potential server-side leakage channels from network to logs and provide cryptographic proof that those privacy controls are in place using TPMs.

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The client performs two main tasks:

  • Verifying that the server it communicates with is the expected hardened AI server using attestation.
  • Securely sending data to be analyzed by a remote AI model using attested TLS to ensure data is not exposed.


The server is split into three components:

  • The hardened AI container: This element serves our AI API in an isolated hardened environment.
  • The attesting launcher: The launcher loads the hardened AI container and creates a proof file which is used to verify the API's code and model using TPM-based attestation.
  • The reverse proxy: The reverse proxy handles communications to and from the client and the container and launcher using atested TLS.

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